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The Power Couple Investment Club (PCIC) is another arm of our business empowering projects. This financial project helps individuals maximize profits on their investments. The business focuses on trading in Cryptocurrencies.

It has been observed that the Cryptocurrency business has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception. A lot of businesses and countries are gradually adopting it as a form of payment, contract agreements, and technology advancement. Australia is making bitcoin one of its airports’ payment options, while Dubai is moving all real estate businesses and processes to the blockchain. The expectations and the future for this are still expanding daily.

There are several aspects of the Blockchain technology, our focus however in this emerging market is in the trading aspect. What we’ve done is to leverage on the buying and selling of different altcoins. We buy already existing coins on the coin exchange market (check www.coinmarketcap.com for the list of coins) at low prices and sell them when they appreciate in price. That’s the simple principle of what we do at PCIC.

We take the risk of buying and selling altcoins off our investors and pay them a 20% return on investment and capital after 30 days. We have also engaged experts, both foreign and local, to guide the process and this is why we have a 100% success in our business activities till date.

To be a part of this investment project and start gaining returns on investment, pls contact us on our WhatsApp or send us an email on info@powercouple.com.ng.

Pls, note minimum investment starts with N100,000 and minimum tenor is 30 days.

We look forward to partnering with you and helping you maximize your profits on investment.

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