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Leveraging Social Media for Business Development

Don’t spend money to impress people, Spend money to make money. On that note we say hello again to another fantastic week with the Power Couple, Sunkanmi and Tobi Adewusi.

We had another exciting guest on our show on Wednesday. MD/CEO Jobberguy Animations, Mr Bankole Olomu. He brought us into the beautiful world of animations and how to effectively use them to boost your business on social media.

Social Media as we know is growing everyday, we have at least 1.2 billion people on facebook alone and guess what, with the abundance of android phones, even your local mechanic is connecting with people globally.

So take advantage of that huge market. Mr Bankole says even a fashion designer can put her business online through his animations, and everyone will know how to contact her for more sales. That’s more money right? Don’t be left behind.

Remember, Mr Bankole will be another guest showcasing his business expertise at our Power Couple Event, and he has promised free ebooks for the first 10 people that register for the event. A lot of people have already started securing their seats, we can only accommodate just 50 people because its going to be an intense business training on all these different investment packages and experts we’re bringing to you.

Visit our website to register and secure your seat for the event.

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To Your Success,

The Power Couple,
Sunkanmi and Tobi Adewusi.

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