Motivation Monday: Whats Holding You Back?

Motivation Monday: Whats Holding You Back?


Research shows that One major thing that holds a lot of people back from achieving their goals and dreams is Fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of what people will say, fear of if it doesnt work etc etc.

Ask yourself this question when in doubt or fear, if its not going to kill me or cause bodily harm, whats there to lose? Really if there’s nothing to lose, why be deprived? You must realize that Failure won’t kill you. Failure is how you learn. Once you improve and correct the errors, you can only get better.

Do what you fear or are scared off and the fear goes away. Take massive action. T Harv Eker says “if you only do the easy things, life will be hard, but if you do the hard things, life will be easy.”

Never feel you are not enough. Not big enough, not slim enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough etc etc No one is perfect. Take action despite your imperfections and the fear disappears.

You also need to get stop comparing yourself to others. We all have our unique skills and talents. Stop asking yourself the wrong questions like if it’s possible, if its achievable, if you’re good enough, those are wrong questions, ask instead how will i make it possible? whats the first step? who can help me? Ask yourself positive empowering questions.

So dont let anything hold you back from achieving what you can do.

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To Your Success.

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