Setting The Right Expectations.

Setting the Right Expectations.

A lot of people find out that most of the people they bring into the Network Marketing business leave in a short while. Most times the right expectations were not set upfront. Our business is low risk, low entry, so people come into the business easy and go out easy as well.

A lot of People have the get rich quick mentality about Network Marketing. They have wrong expectations. They believe its super easy and you make money in no time. Once all these dont happen fast enough, they get frustrated and give up easily. Here are some expectations you need to understand about Network Marketing.

1. Network Marketing does involve work, yes.  Some people come, drop money, fold their arms and expect in 6 months they’ll be rich. No. You have to go out and actually connect with people. We ask our new prospects one particular question: Are you easily affected by the opinions of others? That usually starts them up the right way.

2. You need to understand most of your family will not join you. Thats a fact.
So Detach yourself from the outcomes. Some People will also say no. You must understand that you may not get the right results right away. Gradually with time, you will start getting it right. Thats a guarantee.

3. Consistency. if you want to lose 10kg fat, do you  go to gym once a while? No it doesnt work that way. You need to work out at least 3 times a week to achieve results. So dont talk once a while and expect millions in this business as well. You need to be consistent with connecting with people. Then the results will eventually come.

4. Network Marketing is a 2-5 year plan. So many people come in and believe within 6 monthsthey’ll be making big money and will quit their jobs. No. It doesn’t work that way.

It doesnt also mean in 5 years you’ll be travelling by private jet and drinking out of coconuts. No. What it means is that you’ll have replaced your income from your current job and then set yourself up on the foundation of creating residual income. Thats the right expectation.

Imagine this, how many people in paid employment do you know that make 200k-500k monthly and how long did it take them to achieve that? or what large investments are needed in business to make that kind of amount monthly? And you expect with just little start up and in a few short months you want to make that amount? Thats not a right expectation.

So remember set the right expectations for your Network Marketing Business upfront and also for your new partners. There’s so much to be made in this industry. Lets show you how. Connect to us on Facebook at @ThePowerCouple to learn more how we’ve helped lots of people achieve a better life for themselves and their families. You can also visit our website and sign up for our weekly motivating newsletters.

To Your Success.
Sunkanmi and Tobi Adewusi.
The Power Couple.

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  1. Omotosho Elijah

    Honestly you guys are doing a great job, Your family inspire me alot. I will like to be part of those who you will affect positivey. Thanks sir and ma.

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